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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business

Dr. Neil Terry, dean
  Classroom Center, Room 216 • WTAMU Box 60768
  806-651-2530 • Fax 806-651-2927


Dr. LaVelle Mills, associate dean
  806-651-3866 • lmills@wtamu.edu


The College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). As stated by former president and chief executive officer of AACSB John J. Fernandes, “AACSB Accreditation represents the highest achievement for an educational institution that awards business degrees.”


Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Business is to provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate business education with a global perspective and ethical awareness. We accomplish this through emphasis on excellence in teaching, which is strengthened by faculty scholarship and supported by professional service.


Mission Proof Points

  • We facilitate the development of business students into ethical leaders that can navigate a dynamic global marketplace using explicit core business knowledge and an applied perspective.
  • We direct resources in support of empowering co-curricular experiences.
  • Our faculty members contribute to knowledge of the business environment through quality research with an equal emphasis on applied, discipline, and pedagogy publications.
  • We serve as an economic development catalyst for the West Texas region and beyond through education, research, and consultation.



The College of Business at West Texas A&M University will achieve recognition as an integral part of the Texas Panhandle’s social and economic foundation.


Core Values

  • We believe students are our primary constituents and we are committed to a student-centered organization.
  • We recognize our responsibility to serve a broad constituency, primarily in the Texas Panhandle and contiguous areas.
  • We embrace lifelong learning and professional development of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • We are committed to outcomes assessment and continuous improvement in order to provide a high quality education and change in response to emerging issues.
  • We are honest, fair and accountable at all times.
  • We involve and encourage our stakeholders to participate in the planning and participation in our programs and activities.
  • We respect diverse perspectives and people in a collegial environment.
  • We commit ourselves to prepare our students for the future, exemplify our values by serving as role models, and remain current in our professional fields.
  • We affirm our commitment to intellectual contributions that enhance our teaching, particularly applied scholarship and instructional development.


These goals are met by requiring students to select courses outside the College of Business, take a common core of business courses and major in one of the programs within the college. Through its departments, the College of Business offers the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, general business, management and marketing; and Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in economics.

The College of Business offers three graduate degree programs, each supported by doctoral level faculty. Students enroll in these programs to enhance their career opportunities. Many graduates plan to become top-level managers in their respective  professions. The degree programs are: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Master of Science (M.S.) in Finance and Economics, and Master of Professional Accounting (M.P.A.). Prospective students are encouraged to consult with the academic adviser for the program of interest.

Other College of Business Programs

Panhandle Small Business Development Center

The Panhandle Small Business Development Center at WTAMU is a sub-center of the Northwest Texas Small Business Development Center located in Lubbock, Texas. This sub-center, administered through the College of Business, is an affiliate of the U.S. Small Business Administration. It provides management counseling and management development training to small businesses in the Texas Panhandle. The Panhandle Small Business Development Center is operated by full-time staff members and supported by WTAMU business students.

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

As a part of the College of Business, the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies provides WTAMU students the opportunity to pursue applied entrepreneurial activities. The Small Business Institute, as part of the center through a contractual agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, conducts 30 management assistance projects for small businesses. The center also conducts entrepreneurial conferences, publishes business newsletters and engages in entrepreneurial research.

West Texas Center for Economic Education

The West Texas Center for Economic Education exists to promote economic literacy. Its primary mission is to provide in service classes and seminars to individuals teaching in grades kindergarten through high school. The center has a director and is closely affiliated with the Texas Council on Economic Education and the Joint Council on Economic Education.


Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

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Department of Computer Information and Decision Management

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Department of Management, Marketing and General Business

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