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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Engineering

Dr. Emily Hunt, dean
Engineering Building, Room 120 • WTAMU Box 60767
806-651-5257 • Fax 806-651-5259

Dr. Pam Lockwood, associate dean for engineering, computer science, and mathematics; plockwood@wtamu.edu

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Increasingly, today’s engineers are expected to have interdisciplinary knowledge of all facets of engineering. The Master’s of Science in Engineering program is designed to prepare engineers for anything they’ll see in their career - even if it’s not the specialty they studied in undergraduate courses. In this program, students gain working knowledge of many engineering disciplines, from mechanical to civil, environmental to electrical, while also having the flexibility to concentrate in a specific area. This degree provides a rare opportunity to expand skills into all facets of engineering while augmenting skills in a chosen specialization.

Engineering Technology

At the graduate level, the College of Engineering offers a master’s degree in engineering technology. The program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities from production, quality assurance, industrial safety, research and development to supervisory and managerial positions in industry.



Primary teaching and research interests of the mathematics faculty are pure and applied mathematics, including algebra, analysis, differential equations and statistics. Accordingly, the master’s degree in mathematics is uniquely broad based and strongly oriented toward applications. The Master of Science degree in mathematics is designed to ensure basic knowledge and the capacity for sustained scholarly study. Both a 30-hour thesis option and a 36-hour non-thesis option are available. Six semester hours of real analysis or algebraic systems are required for the mathematics degree. The remainder of course work is selected from differential equations, complex analysis, mathematical statistics, numerical analysis and algebraic systems.



Discipline - Course Prefix

Civil Engineering - CENG

Electrical Engineering - EENG

Engineering Technology - ET

Environmental Engineering - EVEG

Mathematics - MATH

Mechanical Engineering - MENG


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