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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Dr. David Khan, department head

Faculty: Baird, Clewett, Craig, Flynn, Khan, McGovern, Shea, Tao, Woodyard, Yarbrough.

The Department of Chemistry and Physics combines the varied disciplines of chemistry and physics. Commitment to excellence in classroom instruction designed for producing society-ready graduates in these disciplines is the primary goal of the department. The department has a broad range of talented faculty with expertise in specific areas of science and technology that demand quality graduates.

Students may pursue degree programs in the traditional scientific or technical disciplines within the department or they may pursue integrated programs in areas such as biochemistry, pre-medicine or specific teaching fields. Secondary teacher certification in the area of physical science are a vital part of the departmental program. The department frequently integrates its programs with other programs within the University to produce a study track that will meet the individual student’s desired educational goals.


The chemistry discipline provides excellent instruction and hands-on experience to a diverse group of majors. In addition to science and technology in the classroom, there is ample opportunity for laboratory research and special topic studies at the undergraduate level. Whether a student’s final employment goal is chemistry, biochemistry, medical school, graduate school or industry, students will be well prepared with a degree in chemistry from this program. The Chemistry Program also offers courses to support secondary education certification in physical science.


The Physics Program offers both algebra-based and calculus-based introductory physics courses that are required by several university degree programs. A full-range of upper-level physics courses taught by members of The Texas A&M University System can be taken to meet the bachelor of science degree in physics or as electives by majors in other technically demanding fields. The Physics Program also offers courses to support secondary education certification in physical science. For more information, refer to the “Department of Education ” section of this catalog.

Faculty specializations include dielectric properties, physics education and astronomy. Physics majors may find employment, study and research opportunities at the internationally respected Alternative Energy Institute (AEI). AEI is located on the WTAMU campus and maintains a wind- and solar-energy test site at Nance Ranch. Science education and physics majors interested in careers in teaching may gain experience both in traditional and technology-based instruction as undergraduate teaching assistants in physics laboratories.

Discipline - Course Prefix
Chemistry - CHEM
Physics - PHYS


NOTE: See the “Course Descriptions ” section of this catalog for a complete list of courses offered by the University.



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