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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Housing and Meals

On-Campus Housing

WTAMU’s Office  of Residential Living provides an excellent on-campus housing experience to more than 2,400 students each year, striving to create an on-campus environment which will provide students with opportunities to succeed academically and to develop the interpersonal skills which will assist them throughout their lifetime. National, as well as WTAMU, research shows that on average college students who live on campus earn higher grade point averages, and more likely to graduate in four years, have a higher retention rate than those living off campus, and are more engaged in and satisfied with their overall college experience. In addition to this, a great deal of learning takes place outside of the classroom. Much of this engaged learning occurs in the residence halls where students are challenged by major life questions and are learning about themselves and how to live well with others. Living on campus allows students to transition into adulthood in a safe, supportive environment.

The University offers 10 on-campus residence halls, each offering a unique and comfortable environment for students. All residence hall rooms are all-inclusive - high-speed Internet connections (Ethernet and WiFi), utilities (electricity, water, etc.), a micro-fridge unit, and access to laundry facilities at no additional cost. Residence hall staff is available around the clock to assist students and provide them with the assistance they need to succeed socially and academically. For more information about living on campus, visit the website at

Housing Application

Housing applications are available online through the student’s myHousing Portal (available through My Buff Portal). Students must be fully admitted by the University before they can apply for housing. A $150 housing deposit must be submitted with all applications. Applications are processed in order of the date they are received. Contact the Office of Residential Living or visit the website at for more information related to the application process.

University Housing Residency Requirement

West Texas A&M University is committed to the success of each student. We believe that living on campus plays a significant role in students transitioning to college and assists in connecting them to the University experience while helping them reach their academic goals. Therefore, we have established a University housing residency requirement that reflects our philosophy.

Full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more hours) under the age of 21 years (by the first class day) are required to live in University housing if they:

  • Have not lived on-campus for at least four (4) long semesters (fall/spring), or
  • Have completed fewer than 60 post-high school credit hours* by the first day of class.
    *College credit hours earned while attending high school (dual credit courses, advanced placement, CLEP, etc.) are not considered.

The University housing residency requirement applies to new, transfer, relocating, and re-enrolling students. Students who fail to comply with the housing requirement may have their registration denied or canceled, a hold placed on their student account, and housing charges posted to their account.

Housing exemptions are considered but rarely granted. It is recommended that students not arrange to live off campus until their request for exemption has been approved through the Office of Residential Living. Exemptions are granted for one academic year (fall/spring) and must be renewed each year. For more information on housing exemptions and the requirement, visit the website at

Housing Agreement

The housing agreement is valid for one academic year (fall and spring), unless a student begins in the spring semester. The agreement cannot be canceled mid-year while the student is enrolled. Housing and meal plan agreements should be read carefully before signing or acknowledging acceptance of terms and conditions.

Housing Pricing Incentive

  • First-Time Enrolled Students
    • For first-time enrolled students (newly enrolled following high school graduation), live on campus for five semesters and the sixth semester is free; stay seven, and the eighth is free as well.
  • Transfer Students
    • Any student who is classified anything other than a freshman and begins living on campus is eligible for a 50 percent housing discount on their fourth semester as well as the sixth semester (credit equal to 50 percent of the Spring rate).

For additional information go to

Meal Plan Requirement

The University offers various meal plans specifically designed to meet the needs of students.

  • Meal plans are required for all on-campus residents unless he/she meet one of the following criteria:
  1. Has reached the age of 21 prior to the first day of class each long semester.
  2. Has completed 60 or more post-high school credit hours by the first day of classes each long semester.

Changes in meal plans may be pursued between semesters. Meal plans may be changed without an exemption through the last class day of the first week of classes, assuming the student qualifies for the selected meal plan. If the student does not qualify for the selected meal plan due to the established requirement (see above), they must apply for and be approved through a Meal Plan Exemption. For more information on meal plan exemptions and the requirements, visit the website at

Meal Plan Options

ARAMARK Corporation operates all food services on the WTAMU campus. All meal plans offer meals in the Dining Hall and also Dining Dollars that can be used at various locations on campus. Residential students have four meal plan options to choose from during fall and spring semesters:

  • Commuter - 50 meals and $50 Dining Dollars
  • Commuter - 75 meals and $75 Dining Dollars
  • Upperclassman - 125 meals and $500 Dining Dollars
  • Silver Meal Plan - 175 meals and $300 Dining Dollars
  • Gold Meal Plan - 200 meals and $250 Dining Dollars
  • Platinum Meal Plan - unlimited meals and $150 Dining Dollars

Depending upon needs of the student, the appropriate meal plan is selected each semester. There are no refunds for meals the student chooses not to use, and unused Dining Dollars are not refunded.

Off-Campus Housing

For students not affected by the University housing requirement, the cities of Canyon and Amarillo offer multiple housing options ranging from rental homes to apartments. It is recommended that students who are under the housing requirement not arrange to live off campus until the student’s request for an exemption has been approved. Refer to “Commuter Programs” in the “Student Services and Support” section of this catalog for additional off-campus housing information.