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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Agricultural Sciences

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Dr. Lance Kieth, department head

Happy Academic and Research Building, AGS 229
WTAMU Box 60998
806-651-2550 • Fax 806-651-2938


Faculty: Almas, Baker, Blaser, Clark, Guerrero, Hawkins, Jennings, Kieth, Lawrence, Love, Lust, Pendleton, Pipkin, Rhoades, Richeson, Robertson, Steffens, Stewart, Vestal, Williams.


The Department of Agricultural Sciences provides students the opportunity for personal development and preparation for careers in agriculture and related industries. One out of every five jobs in the United States is related to production, processing, distribution, or consumption of feed grains, food and fiber. Professions in the agricultural sector are available to trained personnel. Students may pursue a bachelor of science degree in agriculture or in agribusiness. The Agriculture Degree Program includes majors in agricultural business and economics, teacher certification in agriculture, animal science, agricultural media and communication, and plant, soil and environmental science. The Agribusiness Degree Program includes majors in agribusiness, and equine industry and business. A preprofessional program leading to veterinary school admission also is available. Possibilities for post-baccalaureate study include a master of science in agriculture degree with thesis and non-thesis options, and a Ph.D. degree in systems agriculture.

The excellent faculty in agriculture provides a rigorous and comprehensive approach to understanding agriculture and related businesses. The faculty’s diversity of experience and training provides the student an educational opportunity rarely found at a regional university. The Department of Agricultural Sciences houses state of the art classrooms and innovative research laboratories in the Happy State Bank Academic and Research Building, part of the newly constructed Agricultural Sciences Complex along with the Piehl-Schaeffer Pavilion and a multi-purpose arena. The Caviness Meat Science and Innovation Center includes the Beef Carcass Research Center, plus a federally inspected meat processing facility and retail store and is located in the Happy State Bank Academic and Research Building. The 2,500-acre Nance Ranch, Research Feedyard and Feedmill, Horse Center, Greenhouse, and the Stanley Schaeffer Agriculture Education Learning Lab are also all available and utilized to provide research opportunities and “hands-on” experience for students.



Discipline - Course Prefix
Agriculture Business and Economics - AGBE
Agriculture - AGRI
Animal Science - ANSC
Plant, Soil and Environmental Science - PSES


NOTE: See the “Course Descriptions ” section of this catalog for a complete list of courses offered by the University.


    MajorCertification, TeacherMinorCertificate

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