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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Music

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Dr. Robert Hansen, Director of School of Music
  Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex, Room 202
  WTAMU Box 60879
  806-651-2840 • Fax 806-651-2958 •


Faculty: Bartley, Blackburn, Bledsoe, Brooks, Carpenter, Hansen, Jekova-Goza, Kahler, Krause, Kuhnert, Lefevre, Lewis, Lopez, Manfredi, Meredink, Nam, Oglesby, Parr-Scanlin, Pullen, Redpath, Scales, Shanks, Storey, Takacs, Tariq, Teweleit, Todorov.

Degrees and Majors

  • Bachelor of Music, with emphases in
    • Performance
      • All-level certification
      • Music Industry
        • Arts Management and Administration
        • Music Technology
      • Music Therapy
      • Composition
  • Master of Arts in Music
  • Master of Music in Performance
  • Harrington Certificate in String Quartet Performance

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Refer to the “University Core Curriculum ” section of this catalog.

NOTE: Music majors cannot receive core credit for MUSI 1306 . MUSI 1208  and MUSI 1209  satisfies “Creative Arts” in the core curriculum.

All Music Majors

All entering freshman and transfer students intending to major in music must perform an entrance audition for a faculty committee. Each performance area has specific audition requirements and students should contact the music office for additional details. The audition will consist of:

  • Performance of a Class I solo, selected from University Interscholastic League (UIL) Contest Solo list or comparable solo.
  • Performance by instrumental and keyboard students of the major scales by memory. Wind instruments will also be expected to play a chromatic scale in the normal playing range of the instrument.
  • Sight-reading with some degree of fluency of easy music selected by the auditioning committee.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts degree in music is designed to benefit those teaching any phase of music, either privately or in public schools. The Master of Music degree is designed to benefit the individual performer. It is structured in a manner that will allow the student desiring a performance career to concentrate on those performance and academic disciplines necessary for proper depth and background in the field.

Music Ensembles

Ensemble participation may be elected by qualified students from any department. No more than eight hours of music ensemble credit (MUEN 2140  and MUEN 2160  exempt) may be applied on any degree offered by this University.

Applied Music

Private study of piano, voice, organ, string, brass, woodwind, percussion instruments, composition and conducting is available to all students of the University on both beginning and advanced levels of instruction. The fee is $30 per semester (for one credit hour) for a half-hour lesson each week or $60 per semester (for two or three credit hours) for an hour lesson each week. (Exception: The fee for voice lessons for two or three credit hours is $260 per semester.)

NOTE: Only 80 hours of music (MUSI), music ensemble (MUEN) and applied music (MUAP) courses can be applied to a bachelor’s degree in music. All other course work must be taken outside the school.

School Requirements

Ensemble Requirement

A minimum of eight fall or spring semesters of major ensemble is required for Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degrees. Band (MUEN XX26 or XX27) is the major ensemble for woodwinds, brass and percussion; choir (MUEN XX41 or XX42) for voice; orchestra (MUEN XX29) for strings; choir for keyboard majors, but keyboard students may choose band or orchestra,  respectively, if they can play a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument. Transfer students, students who are accepted as music majors after their first semester and other extenuating circumstances may need to be evaluated by the director of the School of Music to determine how many semesters of ensemble at WTAMU are needed for graduation. Any exception to the eight-semester rule must be approved in writing by the director of the School of Music.

Transfer Students and Residents

All secondary piano students (except those majoring in music with elective studies in business) must satisfy the school’s fourth-semester piano requirements for secondaries in one of two ways:

  1. Students may enroll in MUAP 1069  (one hour) or MUSI 2182  in which fourth-semester requirements are covered and pass the course with a minimum grade of “C,” or
  2. The student can play a proficiency exam before at least two members of the piano faculty during which the student will demonstrate satisfactory mastery of fourth-semester skills. Should the student fail the proficiency exam, he or she must enroll in keyboard study at WTAMU for the purpose of developing the necessary skills.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree

Musical Theatre B.A.  (Major Code: 215)

Administered by the Department of Art, Theatre and Dance, this is an interdisciplinary performance degree that requires development and study in theatre (33 hours), music (21 hours) and dance (11 hours).

For more information, refer to the “Department of Art, Theatre and Dance ” section of this catalog.


Discipline - Course Prefix
Applied Music - MUAP
Music - MUSI
Music Ensemble - MUEN

NOTE: See the “Course Descriptions ” section of this catalog for a complete list of courses offered by the University.


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