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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog (Pending final revisions) 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog (Pending final revisions)

Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Every bachelor’s degree awarded by West Texas A&M University requires:

  • A minimum of 120 semester hours of credit
  • Completion of the University core curriculum (general education)
  • At least 36 hours of advanced work (3000- or 4000-level courses) for which tuition is paid earned at WTAMU
  • Achievement of a minimum 2.0 GPA (“C” average) in all WTAMU course work offered toward a degree
  • Achievement of a minimum grade of “C” for each course in the degree program’s major requirements, each course in the program’s major subject (including electives), and other courses as specified by the program (including transfer courses)

Academic Residency Requirements for Servicemembers

In accordance with Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), West Texas A&M University limits academic residency to no more than twenty-five percent of the degree requirements for all undergraduate degrees for active-duty servicemembers. Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty servicemembers are enrolled. Transferred credits must be from accredited institutions and in compliance with the University’s transfer credit policies.

Reservists and National Guardsmen on active-duty are covered in the same manner.

Active service members who receive and submit orders to relocate or deploy, including activated Reserve and Guard members, should contact the Registrar’s Office in order to determine the action the University can take at that point in the semester. The Military and Veteran Services Coordinator can also file this request on behalf of a servicemember.

The Military and Veteran Benefits Coordinator will review the orders and waive university residency requirements for active military members who are “ordered” to a new location for deployment or reassignment (e.g., military recruiters), in accordance with SOC requirements. The approved waiver will be sent to the appropriate dean’s office to file with the student’s record. Senior capstone classes, and similar courses, cannot be waived without department approval from the academic program.

Additional Requirements for Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degrees

For the bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree, the student must complete, in addition to the core curriculum, a minimum of 12 hours including the following:

  • At least six hours of foreign language, and
  • Six hours chosen from art, communication studies, dance, English, history, media communications, modern languages, music, philosophy, religion, and theatre.

For the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, the student must complete, in addition to the core curriculum, a minimum of 12 hours including the following:

  • At least six hours chosen from biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, geosciences, mathematics, physics and natural sciences, and
  • Six hours chosen from accounting; agricultural business and economics; agriculture; animal science; anthropology; biology; biotechnology; chemistry; civil engineering; communication disorders; communication studies; computer information and decision management; computer science; criminal justice; economics; electrical engineering; engineering; engineering technology; English (ENGL 2311 , ENGL 3305 , ENGL 4304  and ENGL 4305 ); environmental engineering; environmental science; finance; geography; geology; geosciences; health sciences; history; media communications; mathematics; mathematics and physical science; mechanical engineering; nursing; physics; plant, soil and environmental science; political science; psychology; sociology; and sports and exercise sciences.

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) Degree

For the bachelor of general studies (B.G.S.) degree, the student must complete, in addition to the core curriculum, a minimum of 78 hours of electives, including at least 36 hours at the advanced level with a grade of “C” or better. Some advanced course work is available online.

A maximum of 36 hours in one academic discipline may count toward this degree. An academic discipline is designated by a course prefix, such as ENGL for English or POSC for political science. Music courses, whether MUAP (applied music), MUEN (music ensemble), MUSI (music), or MUMI (music industry), are counted as one academic discipline. Education courses, whether EDEC, EDEL, EDPD, EDRD, EDSE, EDSP, EDT, or EPSY, are also counted as one academic discipline.

For details about the B.G.S. degree, contact the adviser for the Office of General Majors.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) Degree

This degree assumes completion of an associate of applied science degree at a community college or completion of an appropriate occupational certificate prior to starting work on the B.A.A.S. degree at WTAMU. Included in this credit must be a transfer of technical-vocational credits, up to a maximum of 48 hours.

Also required are:

  • Completion of the University core curriculum (42 hours).
  • At least 36 hours of advanced work (3000 or 4000-level courses) for which tuition is paid earned at WTAMU.
  • A total of at least 120 semester credit hours.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0.

This degree includes a professional development core of 18-24 semester hours, specified through advisement and listed on the individual student’s degree plan. At least 12 of these hours must be 3000- and 4000-level courses. The degree plan should be requested as soon as a student enters the B.A.A.S. program.

Contact the adviser of the Office of General Majors for details about the B.A.A.S. degree.

Additional Requirements and Regulations for Baccalaureate Degrees

Degree Plans

Students are required to request an official degree plan from the office of the appropriate dean after completion of 30 hours of course work.

Maximum Discipline Hours

No more than 60 semester hours in any single discipline can be counted toward a degree except 80 semester hours in music for a bachelor of music degree, 70 semester hours in nursing for a bachelor of science in nursing degree, and 84 semester hours in graphic design, studio art and dance for a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Students are limited to 24 semester hours of courses from the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business to satisfy degree requirements, not including courses taken to satisfy the University Core Requirements.

A maximum of six semester hours in religion (RELI) and a maximum of six semester hours in physical education (PHED) courses can count toward a baccalaureate degree.

Transferred Credits

Credits may be transferred to West Texas A&M University to be counted toward a degree in accordance with degree program requirements as outlined in the catalog. No grade of “D” in the program’s major requirements or major subject can transfer for credit in any degree program offered at West Texas A&M University.

Applicable Catalog Requirements

An undergraduate student may graduate under curricular requirements of the University catalog in effect at the time that person enters a post-secondary school program after graduation from a secondary school (high school) or equivalent graduation record or those of any subsequent years provided graduation requirements are completed within six calendar years. For example, a student who chooses to graduate under requirements of the 2021-2022 catalog must complete all requirements for the degree under that catalog by August 2027. All other requirements are those of the current catalog. Exceptions must be approved by the student’s academic dean.

This provision is subject to the restriction that the University still offers programs and required curricula described in the earlier catalog. Changes in requirements made necessary by altered or discontinued courses or programs or imposed by external accrediting or certification agencies become effective for degree plan purposes no sooner than the beginning of the academic year immediately following public notification of those changes. Whenever possible, new requirements are implemented with a beginning class or upon expiration of the appropriate time limit.

NOTE: Students do not have to be continuously enrolled provided they complete degree requirements within six calendar years of initial entry into college.

Double or Second Major

While completing a baccalaureate degree at WTAMU, a student may fulfill requirements for two majors if both majors are offered within one degree (for example, bachelor of arts degree with majors in English and Spanish, bachelor of science degree with majors in chemistry and physics, or bachelor of business administration with majors in accounting and finance).

Students who double major should have 24 “unique” semester hours for each major.

Academic Minors

Students, other than those pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree, may request a minor in consultation with the appropriate department head or advisor. Minors must consist of 18 semester hours, at least nine of which are advanced and at least three hours of which are in residence. No grade of “D” will be accepted for a minor. A minor does not have to be in the same degree; for example, a student could be pursuing a B.S. in Biology and have a minor in English (which is a B.A. degree).

Some minors have specified courses to satisfy requirements. For the list of designated minors go to the “Degree and Program Offerings ” section of this catalog and scroll down to the list of minors.

Bachelor’s Degree without Texas Clinical Teaching

The Bachelor’s Degree without Texas Clinical Teaching requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours and achievement of an overall minimum 2.0 GPA (“C” average), as well as a minimum grade of “C” for each course in the degree program’s major requirements, each course in the program’s major subject (including electives), and each course in the program’s professional development requirements. Students must also meet all other Bachelor’s Degree Requirements as listed in the catalog.

If a student chooses to graduate from WTAMU with only their bachelor’s degree in education or in a content area without completing the additional Texas certification requirements, please note that the Texas teacher certification will require additional steps after graduation. These include passing the appropriate TExES certification exam(s), fulfilling the clinical teaching observation requirements, and possibly taking additional training courses. Changes in the Texas Administrative Code may impact certification requirements; therefore, it will be important for individuals to check with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or an accredited educator preparation program for the most up-to-date and detailed information at the time they decide to pursue an educator certification in the state of Texas.

*Please note that educator training coursework for Texas teacher certification is valid for five (5) years according to TAC 228.35.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

A student must have a first degree before applying for a second degree. A student who desires a second bachelor’s degree from WTAMU must complete a minimum of 30 hours at WTAMU in addition to the first bachelor’s degree (hours from first degree do not count toward 30 additional hours). The 30 hours must include 24 advanced hours in residence, 12 in the student’s major. Students who earned a first degree from another Texas public institution of higher education are considered core complete. The entire core curriculum from the sending institution must substitute for the receiving institution’s entire core curriculum. All other University requirements must be met for the second degree. A student whose first degree is not from WTAMU must also meet the minimum hours in residence (36 advanced) for the second degree. (See the following section for honors designation requirements.)

Application for Degree

Undergraduate students must make application for degree with the office of the appropriate academic dean by the following dates:

  • December 1 for May graduation
  • May 1 for August graduation
  • August 1 for December graduation

Graduation with Honors

To receive honors notation on the diploma and transcript for a first or second baccalaureate degree, students must have at least a 3.500 grade point average (GPA) (no rounding up) for all work completed at WTAMU with a minimum of 36 hours in residence (courses for which tuition has been paid at WTAMU).

  GPA   Honors Notation
  3.900-4.000   Summa Cum Laude
  3.750-3.899   Magna Cum Laude
  3.500-3.749   Cum Laude