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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Business and Economics B.S.

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Majors in Agriculture

  • Agricultural Business and Economics
  • Agricultural Media and Communication
  • Agriculture—Teacher Certification/Non-Certification
  • Animal Science
  • Plant, Soil and Environmental Science

Majors in agriculture include University core curriculum requirements, department core requirements, agricultural science core requirements, and major requirements specified under each degree option and total 120 semester credit hours (see each degree for specific requirements). Students must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) for all courses at WTAMU counted toward the degree; at least a “C” grade for all courses in the department and agricultural science cores; at least a “C” grade in major requirements and at least a “C” grade in the major subject. At least 39 semester hours of credit must be earned from upper-level (3000- and 4000-level) courses. In addition, students in the teacher certification option of the agriculture major must meet professional development standards set by the Department of Education. For specific requirements, see the “Department of Education ” section of this catalog.

Major in Agricultural Business and Economics

(Major Code: 516)

Select BIOL 1413  or BIOL 1411 , CHEM 1405  or CHEM 1411 , MATH 1314  or MATH 1324 ; ECON 2301 ; IDS 1071  to satisfy core curriculum requirements.

Code 90: ENGL 1302  or ENGL ENGL 2311  

Electives (7-8 hours)

Minor in Agricultural Business and Economics

  •  18 semester hours, 15 advanced, at least six hours at WTAMU
  • Nine hours from 3000 level AGBE courses
  • Six hours from 4000 level AGBE courses

Advising Services Degree Checklists and Curriculum Guides

The following Degree Checklist and Curriculum Guide (suggested course sequence) are available by linking to Advising Services Degree Checklists:

  • Agricultural Business and Economics B.S.

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